Domaine Sautereau


The domain Sautereau is now managed by David Sautereau, belonging to the 10th generation of producers.

Very early convinced that he would be destined to pursue the family adventure, David studied wine in Burgundy and Champagne. In order to expand its wine culture, he made several experiments in foreign vineyards (Switzerland, USA and Australia).

He then made his first harvest in 1997 and worked closely with his parents. David is committed to perpetuating family know-how while adapting to new techniques to make the most of its terroir. The vineyard now counts 22 hectares: 2/3 in Sauvignon blanc on the communes of Crézancy and Bué for the development of the white Sancerre and 1/3 in Pinot Noir on the communes of Crézancy, Bué and Sancerre for the development of the red and rosé Sancerre.