About us

Located in the south of the Sancerre appellation, in Crézancy-en-Sancerre, our family estate includes around twenty hectares of vines. Our vineyard plots are located in the communes of Crézancy-En-Sancerre, Bué and Sancerre, offering the benefits of a diverse array of terroirs.
Sauvignon Blanc accounts for 2/3 of grape plantings, for the production of our white Sancerres; the remainder is Pinot Noir, for the production of our Sancerre reds and rosés.

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The vineyards of Sancerre

We are proud to be able to work historic vineyards of great beauty and diversity, shaped by a distant geological past.
Located in the Centre-Loire vineyard area, on the left bank of the Loire, the appellation covers approximately 3,000 hectares in 14 different communes. The rolling hills of the Sancerre landscape are home to a rich mosaic of vineyard plots. There is therefore not a single style of Sancerre wine, but rather an alluring diversity of individual flavours…

“From the vine to the glass, each step is carried out carefully and with attention to detail, to preserve the full richness of the expression of our terroirs.”
Ten generations of exploration

According to our family research, our passion for wine and the rigours of our profession have been passed down from father to son since the year 1683. The Sancerre area is a land of predilection for vines as well as other field crops, a fact which inspired our ancestors to explore these terroirs with meticulous attention. This heritage empowers us and provides each new generation with valuable expertise.
David Sautereau, who has run the estate since 1997, has nourished this spirit of exploration through experiences in vineyards both in France and further afield. It is our family spirit, coupled with an openness to the world, that we wish to share.

Revealing the essence of our Sancerre terroirs

Our key motivation is to reveal the purest expression of these terroirs, as a vinous journey through the region. A rich variety of clay-limestone “Terres Blanches” soils, marls, rocky limestone “Caillottes”, and red sandstone “Terres Rouges” soils, allows us to produce a subtle range of wines, each with a unique identity.

In the west of the appellation, the “Terres Blanches” soils are abundant in fossilised shells and oysters, which allows us to produce a Sancerre with concentrated aromas, good tension and salinity. The marls, rich in clay and limestone, bring volume and roundness. This produces full-bodied wines, whose aromatic complexity requires a little patience to fully express itself. In areas where the slopes are less steep, with hard limestone soils, we make very aromatic and concentrated wines from the stony sites of the “Caillotes” terroir. Finally, our “Terres Rouges” terroir, with its composition of sand and iron-rich sandstone, allows us to produce fine, mineral and fruit-driven Sancerre wines.

Our beliefs guide our actions

Each of our wines expresses the clean, direct profile that is the hallmark of our estate.

Commitment and responsibility are essential to us at Domaine Sautereau. Going beyond our work for organic certification, we are building our own philosophy: a symbiosis between our heritage and our tireless reflections.
In this holistic, progressive approach, our practices are inspired by various vinous trends as well as by communication with winegrowers and professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts.