Our wines

At Domaine Sautereau, each bottle tells the story of our terroirs, of a proud heritage and a love of our vocation. We are proud to share with you wines that sincerely express the essence of our terroirs, the result of a symbiosis between tradition, innovation and conviction.

The “Racines” range

This range pays homage to all 3 colours of wine represented by the Sancerre appellation. Sancerre’s reds and rosés are only produced in limited quantities, although Pinot Noir was the most widely planted grape in the Sancerre vineyards before the Phylloxera crisis!

These wines are vinified by blending together different terroirs, not to mask their individual expressions, but so that they are able to complement one other in subtle ways.

The “Héritages” range

The white wines in this range represent the heritage of our different terroirs, which we also refer to as individual vineyard plots, or “Lieux-dits”. The red is a blend which is designed to honour the heritage of our ancestors’ know-how.

Curious and eager to make new discoveries, we harmoniously combine innovative tools and ancestral knowledge. Our heritage is thus seamlessly interwoven with modernity.